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Mini Elvis Late Night Snack

Our clients enjoy the fact that we are innovative and creative. From time to time our chefs and event designers will brainstorm new desserts to add to our menus. In this case we were enhancing our Late Night Menu. One of the ideas that everyone fell in love with was a Mini Elvis Grilled Sandwich. For those who enjoy the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich we put our own unique twist on the PB&J. To do this we incorporated the famous “Elvis” version with peanut butter, honey, bacon, and banana.

Mini Elvis

The Mini Elvis is grilled on a flat top grill to toast the bread and melt the peanut butter. This allows the flavors to combine and the grilled texture enhances the late night dessert "feel" of the dish. Since peanut butter sandwiches are traditionally served with milk, we thought the Mini Elvis should too…but we spiked the milk with Frangelico. The hazelnut flavor of the Frangelico milk perfectly pairs with the warm and toasted Mini Elvis sandwich.

After the culinary idea was conceived, the team set out to design the presentation. The sandwiches are small in size so to keep the proportion consistent we served the Frangelico spiked milk in miniature glass milk jugs. We used an orange cardboard straw, which was intentionally used for Thomas Caterers of Distinction. We then clipped the quartered sandwich to the straw using a clothespin. This mouth-watering Mini Elvis Peanut Butter Grilled Sandwich is the perfect savory late night dessert for any event.

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