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  • Lori Witherell

How to Tell Your Love Story With Food

Customizing your menu can be one of the most expressive ways to communicate your love story with your guests at your wedding. Did you have a special date that you would like to commemorate? Did your proposal happen over a special dessert or at your favorite restaurant? Those special milestones can be something you want to share with your family and friends. Here’s how.

1. Where did you meet?

Recently we had a couple get married that met in the Ukraine while working in the Peace Corps. Wow! What an incredible way to meet! To tie in where they met, they chose to have a traditional Ukrainian Beet Salad displayed during cocktail hour. This was an opportunity for the guests to discuss how the couple met, and show the guests something they experienced together.

2. First Date Food

Often first dates are a little more casual than a proposal date, but you still want to tell your story of how you fell in love. If your fiancé took you to a ballgame for your first date, including mini all beef hot dogs as a late-night snack can be a fun way to remember that date.

If you fell in love over a plate of spaghetti, you can tip your hat to a much less messy hors d’oeuvre, that has spaghetti, and that familiar Italian flavor. I’m talking about a Tomato Spaghetti Caprese Salad.

3. The proposal:

Your proposal story says a lot about you as a couple. It is a story that you will tell the rest of your life, and what better way to celebrate it than by including it in your wedding day?

A lovely bride that we recently worked with was proposed to on a winter day, while sitting on a pier with her then boyfriend, and eating warm homemade pudding that he made. He often joked with friends that if it hadn’t been for the pudding, that she would not have fallen in love with him. Since his special dessert was a current that ran through their relationship, he allowed us to have the recipe so we could recreate the pudding as an accent with the wedding cake.

Special food tie-ins can be the easiest way to tell your love story that has the biggest impact. This day is all about the two of you. Celebrate, enjoy, and show your loved ones what makes your spouse so special.

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