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Shooting Star Zipline

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For the INLightIN Gala at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, we created a station which was not only delicious, but visually spectacular. Guests were delighted when lights raced over their heads from the balcony to the event floor, only to be astonished when they discovered that the end result was a station for one of their delicious hors d’oeuvres.

The name of the station was "Shooting Star". This was the INLightIN Gala, after all, and lights had to be a big part of the entire event. Therefore, we attached flashing light keychains and glow sticks alternatively to keep the guests’ attention. The Shrimp Ceviche was in a hermetically sealed jar and connected to the zipline with a s-biner. The fit the theme perfectly and the guests and client all said they had never seen anything like it. This station is perfect for any type of event or wedding reception.

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