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  • Vince Early, CSEP

Stylish AND Safe at the Bar

Our current way of thinking about events during a pandemic isn’t going away soon enough. Until we get back to “normal” (whatever that will look like) we at Thomas Caterers of Distinction will continue to make safety look and feel good. One of the ways we are achieving this is by focusing on an element that is the least noticeable, and that is limiting contact between guests and service staff. It's a simple idea that has a big impact on your guest’s safety. Here are just a few ways we are doing our part to limit contact at your Wedding or Corporate Event.

Cocktail hour can be a challenge for limiting contact. Among the ways we are doing our part by increasing the number of cocktail tables to promote easier physical distancing.

On our bars we have taken all beverage service items from front of the bar and placed them on workstations behind the bartenders. Once the drink is made, the bartender then places the beverage on the bar front for the guest to pick up. This helps to eliminate accidental touching of hands.

Specialty drinks that are passed by serves, and wine served at stations are now equipped with beverage caps. (or stancaps, as we call them in the industry) This is intended to protect the beverage from contamination until the guest is ready for it.

We want your event, and every event that comes before and after it, to be safe and enjoyable for all the guests we serve. The process doesn't need to be hard or ugly, in fact it can be fun and fabulous! We are all in this together, and as far a safety is concerned, you can trust that the Team at Thomas Caterers of Distinction has got your back.

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