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How the CSEP Designation helps our company and our clients - Kelly Early, CSEP

When planning and executing an event there are a mind-boggling amount of things to consider. Someone who is new to the industry may not know about all of the aspects it takes to create and execute a flawless event. In my first 15 years in the event industry I learned how to cover all of my bases and create events that met and exceeded my clients expectations. This was done through trial and error and many cases of reacting to situations that arose. Through the process of obtaining my CSEP designation I learned a much more efficient way.I am not sure that I learned anything brand new in the process, but the process was invaluable for giving me a blueprint that allowed me to be much more efficient and professional. My ability to organize all of the logistics of an event prior to its execution has made our entire company better. Everyone from our office staff to the last server atAnd event are better prepared and can approach each event from a proactive position. The real winners are our staff and our clients. We are able to be more innovative and creative because we do not have to spend as much time worrying about the mundane logistics.

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