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How the CSEP Designation makes me a Better Caterer - Vince Early, CSEP

In order to earn a CSEP Designation a certain level of proficiency is required. That is why I value my CSEP so much; it is an experience-based designation, not just a demonstration of knowledge that can be learned from a book. Before studying the requirements of the CSEP, I was planning events, and eventually I would get all the pieces in place. Things that I would forget to plan for would take me by surprise, and although my team and I would get it done, we were being reactionary, instead of proactive. The process of preparing for the CSEP Exam gave me an organized checklist for the administration, marketing, planning and legal/ethical/risk management aspects of any given event. It allows me to be more proactive with planning and executing, which helps produce better and more profitable events. We now have a much better game plan as we go into any given event. We know how much storage we need; how much prep-space and contingency plans are thoroughly planned out far in advance. The clients win, and so does my staff.

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