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How the CSEP Designation makes us Better Venue Owners - Kelly Early, CSEP

We started purchasing and managing venues in 2002. The process entailed redesigning and/or renovating spaces that were not designed to hold large-scale events such as wedding and corporate functions. As we were renovating these spaces, we were able to customize the space to set us up for the maximum amount of success for any and all events that we would be hosting. The process of preparing for the CSEP Exam gave me a blueprint for the Administration, Coordination, Marketing and Legal/Ethical/Risk Management aspects of all types of events. This was particularly helpful as we were laying out the event spaces, prep areas, storage areas, room capacities, etc. All the way down to how many electrical outlets needed to be on what wall, and how many amps they need to provide for a DJ with a full lighting set-up. The principals that have been laid out in the CSEP Exam outline every part of any given event in an organized blueprint. Room capacities, size of dance floor and seating capacities are normal aspects of any event, but to remember that the band will need storage, waste will need to be disposed of, etc. are elements that can be easily forgotten. I’m not saying that we would not have thought of these things at all without the CSEP Preparation, but because of that blueprint, we were able to quickly go through those aspects, confident that we were on the right track. The biggest winners are our clients and our staff.

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