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  • Lauren Pfaff

Ins & Outs of Choosing a Venue for your Wedding pt. 3

Okay great! You’re engaged! Now what? With everything around you spinning and having so many wonderful options and choices available to you, it is time to focus and make some big decisions! For the last in our 3-part series on Ins & Outs Of Choosing a Venue for your Wedding, you will need to do some soul searching. You and your partner will need to be honest with yourselves and each other to ensure that you are not compromising on the thinks that will make your day special to both of you.

Make a list of must have’s. Take your past experiences from other weddings you have attended or were involved in and think about the things you loved. Although, sometimes it is more helpful to remember things you might have done differently. You may have been to an event where there were long bar lines, bad food or an obnoxious DJ. All of these things can hinder your guests experience. You will want to know your venue and the vendors who are trusted to work in it are professionals and will make you look good. No one wants to be embarrassed on their Wedding Day.

Write down a list of things that are important to you and your fiancé.

We strongly recommend that you do not settle on this list. It should include the most important feelings, aesthetics and tangible wants for your special day. It may be fun performance stations, His & Hers signature cocktail, certain types of photos you are desiring or even a great live band at your reception. Once you have this list, be sure to ask the venues about the potential to have these things. You will also want to research the vendors recommended by the venue. A truly professional venue will have a list of trusted event partners who have worked at the venue in the past. Do you want to be a Guiney Pig for the photographers first shoot in a venue that might have tricky lighting?

When in doubt, trust your gut. When the venue or any vendors feels like the right fit, you will know it. Be confident with your decision and enjoy the planning process! We are here to help and ensure your day matches your vision you have been dreaming of! Let us do the work!

Cover Photo curtesy of Ian Borgerhoff Photography


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