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Why I Became a CSEP - Vince Early, CSEP

I have always valued Education as a means to an end. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in college and have always looked for educational opportunities to further my growth in everything I do.  When I entered the Event Profession full-time, I did not know what I was doing. When I found myself in the industry full-time after leaving teaching as my profession, I knew I had to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. I attended my first ILEA meeting on the advice of a colleague, and quickly realized this organization could provide the education and networking opportunities I needed so desperately. I threw myself into the organization, serving on local, regional and international committees. I joined my local Board of Governors and chaired the International Conference Education Committee for 2 terms. Early on in my ILEA career, I started hearing about the CSEP Designation. I attended The Special Event Conference and spoke to many professionals from around the country who had obtained their CSEP and knew I wanted it. I set a goal to obtain my CSEP within the calendar year. I found some other local people who had the same goal and we formed a study group. After 6 months of preparation, I sat for the exam and passed it on my first try. Having my CSEP Designation has been a constant source of pride and motivation for me. I am proud to be a Professional in the Special Event Industry, and I am motivated to help other be the best Industry Professionals they can be.

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