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Honoring an Old Southern Tradition

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Recently, we hosted our grand opening event “State of the Estate” at the new Black Iris Estate. The southern colonial venue was a perfect opportunity to honor an old southern tradition. The pineapple has a long been the symbol of welcoming guests into your event. The host would place out cut up pieces of pineapple for guest to take and eat upon their arrival. Also, whole pineapples would be placed on each table place during the event

When the host decided, it was time to end the gathering. The host would remove the whole pineapples from the table and place the pineapples at the door for guest to take as they departed. The act of removing the pineapples from the table, was the clear sign that they host wanted to end the event. Such a tradition would make great addition for your next holiday party or wedding reception!

homas Caterers of Distinction put their own twist on the pineapple tradition. Preparing the mini pineapples filled with pineapple bacon barbeque pork, garnished with garlic toast stick and a pineapple chip.

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