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Ceremonies at the Estate

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

At Black Iris Estate, we offer several amazing options for wedding ceremonies. Inside we have the gorgeous ballroom and two outdoor spaces; "The Gardens" and "The Woods".

The Ballroom is a large hardwood floored spaces perfect for large ceremonies and receptions. Featuring beautiful chandeliers, white walls and designed ceilings, in-house audio/visual, up to 250 chameleon chairs and natural light through the numerous windows.

Ballroom wedding ceremony

ballroom wedding venue

Ballroom wedding ceremony venue

Stepping outside into the beautiful gardens, ceremonies held in the Gardens are absolutely stunning! In 2016, the Indianapolis catering company, Thomas Caterers of Distinction bought the property. Adding the large block gazebo was one of the many renovations made and has become a favorite for many brides!

Outdoor wedding wedding in the Gazebo
Outdoor wedding ceremony venue

On the Estate, there are two wooded bridges that lead into another area of the Estate, called "The Woods". The Woods is a great spot for couples that want to say their vows in the presence of nature. This space is covered by towering trees, while leaving the ground open enough for a large wedding ceremony. The far boarder of the woods pushes up against a creek which flows into the White River.

Outdoor wedding ceremony venue

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