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Finding the Perfect Venue for You Weddingg

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Research it! New wedding venues are opening ever day, so researching a venue for your ceremoney and reception can become overwhelming. Do you visit every single one? The easy answer is no, if you do you will find yourself visiting 20+ venues and wasting a countless number of hours of your time. Instead, research venues in your area, look at pictures and figure out the style of venue that you like the most. Tour it! Pick 5 or 6 of your favorites and contact them for a tour. Walk through the venues and ask questions. What is included with the venue rental, what vendors are available to you i.e catering, photography, DJ, etc., where are the closest hotels, how much parking is available and what the venue costs. Love it! When touring, you will fall in love with a venue. That is how you know it is the one for you. It will just feel right, just like falling in love with your fiancé. If that does happen to you, get all the information possible, because that is the one you will more than likely choose.

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