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Classy, Comfortable & Safe

Besides taking all the expected food safety and sanitation precautions that you would expect from a leader in the Event Industry, we are determined to make your guests feel comfortable at your event and still allow you to express your style.

Your safety and the safety of your guests at your Wedding Reception during this pandemic are important to us. In fact, not just your guests, but every guest who comes in the door of a Thomas Caterers of Distinction Venue before and after your event is important to us too. That's why we at CANAL 337 are taking steps to make you and your guests comfortable as well as safe.

In accordance with CDC Guidelines, mandatory temperature checks for ALL persons entering the building and grounds will be conducted on your event day.
Temperature Checksd at All Events

In accordance with CDC Guidelines, mandatory temperature checks for ALL persons entering the building and grounds will be conducted on your event day. This includes front and back of the house service staff, your vendors and all who will be in attendance at your event. The last thing we would ever want to do is to turn anyone away, but the safety of you, your guests, our staff and all of our preferred professionals is the responsibility of the Event Venue. Please let your guests know that if they aren't feeling well, they should stay at home.

Your family and friends who are attending your wedding are doing so because they love you and want to see this landmark in your life. Some of they may be feeling a little anxious under the circumstances, but they are determined to be there for you on your special day. To help with any awkward situations that may arise, we have implemented a mandatory Wrist Band System that will allow each guest to express their comfort level concerning personal contact due to COVID-19.

A Green wrist band means they are comfortable with "high-fives and handshakes". Everyone should wear their masks when they are not actively eating or drinking at a stationary location, but some of your lower risk guests might feel the need to express themselves more physically. We do encourage these guests to sanitize often at our provided stations throughout the venue.

The yellow wrist bands are for the more cautious guests. These guests might not be high-risk, but they are still wanting to have less personal contact than their "green wearing" counterparts. These guests are comfortable with talking, but please no touching.

For those guests who are at a higher risk, like persons over 65, guests with pre-existing conditions, expectant mothers or simply any guests wishing to take the strongest precautions possible while still attending your event, we have the red wrist band. Red wrist bands signify "I am celebrating at a distance".

We are in the business of celebration. We want people to be able to get together and enjoy life's celebrations together, IN PERSON. That's why you can trust the Team at Thomas Caterers of Distinction to do the research and groundwork to deliver the safest possible event for you and your guests.

How are we keeping your food service safe?

How are we keeping your bar service safe?

Making your event Safe & Fabulous!

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