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Creativity & Escort Cards

Couples are moving away from traditional table tents escort cards laid out in a row, to unique and fun ways to help their guest find their seats. Popular at 2019 Indianapolis weddings have been these sign boards that have been so creatively displayed :

But so many couples are not stopping here, pushing our minds to come up with unique and memorable moments at your wedding is always a challenging. We inspire our clients to go beyond the ordinary and reach for extraordinary. Take a peak at some of our past favorites.

So get excited about the details and think beyond what you have seen done. Ask one of our event designers to help you brainstorm new ideas.


Now for the boring part..... logistics. Our event team will always suggest that you set up your seating assignments in an easy to access spot during cocktail hour. It takes a lot less time to get your guest seated when they know their table number prior to opening the doors to dinner then expecting guest to find that knowledge on their way into the room, this will almost always create a very long line and add a huge delay in your timeline. Also always list your guest in alphabetical order and not table order. Even in sign format grouping the names by letter and not table numbers makes the searching for one name out of 250 guest a lot easier.

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