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Ins & Outs of Choosing a Venue for your Wedding pt. 2

Okay great! You’re engaged! Now what? With everything around you spinning and having so many wonderful options and choices available to you, it is time to focus and make some big decisions! For the 2nd in our 3-part series on Ins & Outs Of Choosing a Venue for your Wedding, we will focus on Big Questions you will need to ask in your process.

Questions to ask/Things to consider –

Location - Decide if you are going to have your ceremony and reception in the same venue. Ask about indoor/outdoor options for the ceremony. Make sure that the space has partnerships such as hotels and dining recommendations for your out-of-town guests. Ask about perks for hotel bookings such as complimentary room blocks, free shuttles or upgraded suites. If you are having an offsite ceremony, drive the rout at the time and day of the week you are considering. This will give you a realistic timeline for your guests and your vendors.

The Willow Chapel at Black Iris Estate in Carmel Indiana, unique as it is beautiful is a perfect wedding ceremony location for those who love the outdoors.
Real Willow Chapple Couple - Image by Chloe Luka Photography

Size & Capacity – Make a rough draft of a guest list before you start to schedule your tours. This will help eliminate venues that are too small and help you to focus on venues that can fit your guest count. You should NEVER have to compromise your guest list for a venue that is too small. After all, these people have all played a role in your relationship and will support you all throughout your marriage. If the venue seems too large for your guest count, ask if there are ways to fill the space or utilize other spaces in the venue for a smaller guest count to make it feel full and intimate.

CANAL 337 is a unique and diverse location with outdoor and indoor space perfect for wedding receptions and corporate events of any kind
CANAL 337 1st Floor Ballroom
The ornate setting of the Black Iris Estate Ballroom is perfect for Wedding Receptions and Corporate Events
Black Iris Estate

Budget - Make sure the venue is within your estimated budget. It is okay to not have a concrete budget completely set but knowing a rough estimate will help add or eliminate options that will suit you best. Make sure to understand and clarify everything that is included in each venue. Some venues only rent the of facility and are going to be less expensive than a venue that offer’s all you will need on one collection. For example, all Thomas Venues offer Wedding & Silver Collections that include all food, bar packages, staff, linens, etc. This can look like it is going to take up more of your overall budget – but keep in mind, that if more is offered then less will be needed when finding additional vendors.

Making a list of what's important to you and dont compromise. Your wedding reception is a special day.
Make a list and have a plan

Make a list of must have’s

Take your past experiences from other weddings you have attended or were involved in and think about the things you loved. Although, sometimes it is more helpful to remember things you might have done differently.

Write down a list of things that are important to you and your fiancé. We strongly recommend that you do not settle on this list. It should include the most important feelings, aesthetics and tangible wants for your special day. It may be fun performance stations, His & Hers signature cocktail, certain types of photos you are desiring or even a great live band at your reception.

Once you have this list, be sure to ask the venues about the potential to have these things.

When in doubt, trust your gut. When the venue or any vendors feels like the right fit, you will know it. Be confident with your decision and enjoy the planning process! We are here to help and ensure your day matches your vision you have been dreaming of! Let us do the work!

Cover Photo curtesy of Ian Borgerhoff Photography

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